LG-KU250 Storage Mode got problem in Karmic Koala

I got litle trouble after upgrading to karmic koala, since the upgrade I’ve had problems with usb-storage. After i plug the device, system not mount anything. Actually this issue happened in Jaunty, but finally working after i did litle trick, add this line into /etc/modules :

usb-storage option_zero_cd=2

But in Karmic, it doesn’t work as i expected . This problem happened because device id 05c6:1000 is not initialized correctly and stopped with result :

[  144.565583] usb 2-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
[  144.576078] usb-storage: probe of 2-1:1.0 failed with error -5

So i guess this happened in all devices which share these IDs (used by a Qualcomm chipset for storage device)
I wish i can find a solution immediately, Damn, i’ts so annoying if i remove first memory card from my mobile phone, then connected through Card Reader just for data exchange


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4 Responses to LG-KU250 Storage Mode got problem in Karmic Koala

  1. anonymous says:

    I got samsung soul b and haven’t got significant trouble with its storage mode or modem mode at Jaunty. The only problem I got with it is the technology said 3.5 G, but its speed is still worse than phone line internet.

    • singgihpraditya says:

      Yes, both function are worked in jaunty, but thanks god, modem mode still working in karmic. so i still can connected to internet. have you ever tried lock connections to hsdpa mode, i heard that there is AT command to do this, but i haven’t try. you can ask uncle google bout this 😀

  2. Ryan Lux says:

    I’m STILL looking for a solution to this. I’ve been able to access mass storage in Jaunty, but now I get nothing in Karmic. I’ve found this proposed bug published, but it’s not gaining much steam. I’d love to get more info on this. Launchpad Bug #477031


    • singgihpraditya says:

      Yeah, i hope we will have good new about this, i don’t want to going back into lowest version hahaha

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