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Gua cuma orang biasa, gak lebih , gak kurang. code maniac (i've been entrust all whole live just to make a good code)

Spring 3.0 and Hibernate tutorial (part 1)

In my previous spring tutorial, i’ve given simple example how to integrating Spring Framework with Hibernate through JPA. Now i’ll show you how to engaging Spring with Hibernate using Hibernate template on Spring. It’s easier than you connect using JPA. … Continue reading

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I’ll do anything for bandwidth

Tulisan ini sebenernya catatan dari keisengan gw. Beberapa waktu yang lalu gw beli antena 3g, sengaja gw beli karena gw sudah mulai bosen koneksi internet yang empot-empotan di rumah karena kurangnya signal di rumah gw. Apes emang, kondisi rumah gw … Continue reading

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Howto install and configure dual boot Kalyway OSX86 and Ubuntu

Disclaimer : Let’s assume it just preview of Mac OS X Leopard, if you like this operating system and want to use Mac OS for daily use. please buy legal Mac OS Xversion, No guarantee if result of this tutorial … Continue reading

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Karmic Koala, back into legacy GRUB

One of  a lot of new feature of Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10) is GRUB2 (GRand Unified Bootloader 2).  GRUB2 has replaced formerly known GRUB-Legacy (0.9x), which no longer being developed. It has significant different comparing with previous version, there is … Continue reading

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LG-KU250 Storage Mode got problem in Karmic Koala

I got litle trouble after upgrading to karmic koala, since the upgrade I’ve had problems with usb-storage. After i plug the device, system not mount anything. Actually this issue happened in Jaunty, but finally working after i did litle trick, … Continue reading

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Solving Eclipse Galileo problem in Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10)

Yesterday i’ve upgraded my ubuntu with latest version 9.10 (Karmic Koala). After installing a lot of application, i was trying to install my favorite IDE, Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo). but something goes wrong after. i was not able to push OK … Continue reading

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Simple Maven2, Spring 2.5, JPA and Hibernate integration

A few months ago, i’ve read a tutorial about spring 2.5 writen by Endy Muhardin (one of JUG Indonesia Hall Of Fame), that tutorial explained bout newest features of Spring 2.5, this version now supports Annotation. Configuration is no longer … Continue reading

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